Marie Hines is a creator. She paints, she cooks gourmet dinners, she bakes cupcakes, she’s an avid DIY-er, and true to her Southern charm, she’s not afraid to get down in the dirt if it means cultivating something colorful and fragrant. Drawing inspiration from nature, Japanese Blossoms boasts music that mimics the fine lightness of a summer wind and the clean crispness of cool autumn air. By broadening her scope and expanding her thematic obsessions, Marie has fallen right into place between Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles, an artist as vibrant and smart as she is talented.


Marie nurtured her musical abilities early while growing up in small-town South Carolina: “I started taking classical piano lessons when I was six and started writing at the age of twelve. Being a “professional musician” was something I kind of fell into- when I was in my late teens, I realized that the ability to create music was something that was uniquely mine, something I could build and develop on my own. I started to embrace it as an identity, a way to process my thoughts and interpret the world around me. As I got older, I began to experience the beauty of connection through songs. The feeling of being able to connect with people across the world through some words you wrote in a quiet, private moment is one of the most rewarding and perplexing feelings I’d ever known, and I was hooked. When I moved to Nashville in 2005, I did it to surround myself with people that were better than me. I knew I needed that constant challenge in order to become a greater musician.” Marie found inspiration among fellow songwriters as well as larger acts like Norah Jones and Coldplay, all the while developing her own class of bright, satiny melodies.


Those familiar with Marie’s debut, Worth the Fight, or her follow-up EPs, HeartCrash, The Tide & The Sea, and Endless, will recognize her characteristic feminine grace, billowing piano refrains, and incandescent strings, but there’s something fresh and exciting in this new collection of songs. On Japanese Blossoms, Marie’s brush strokes are broader, more confident. Each step is more intentional, each thought is more concise. Written with and produced by Nashville composer/arranger Eric Kinny, these five songs are more simple and yet more complex. The tracks have been stripped to the bones of their makeup, each lying confidently in beautiful bare skin. There are no filler lines, there are no sounds for the sake of having sound. Each musical movement is specifically placed and orchestrated, each lyric has been stripped of formulaic habit and restriction. Japanese Blossoms is a beautiful example of freedom: freedom in simplicity and intention.


Marie’s music has seen commercial and critical success with features in a long-standing international Heinz Ketchup advertisement, a national Eckrich Sausage advertisement, and a worldwide Walmart Valentine’s Day campaign. Her music has also been used in advertising campaigns by Swarovski, Ben & Jerry’s, Google, Comcast, Reed’s Jewelers, Google +, NUDE Skincare, Teach For America, Cornell’s Jewelry, Epson Europe, and Simon’s Jewelers. In addition to these brand campaigns, Marie’s love songs have been featured in thousands of wedding videos across the globe via The Music Bed, and her music has been featured in TV shows on ABC, MTV, ABC Family, and UPtv. Through her work with her bands Unions and VALA, Marie’s music has been featured in numerous television shows and promos for NBC, Netflix, Hulu, Starz, and USA. One of Unions songs was in its first feature film, I Still See You, this year.


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